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Coed Varsity National Honor Society, Coed Varsity Newspaper · NHS volunteers for local Down Syndrome charity

By Gabrielle Hartzell

   Last Saturday a group of NHS members volunteered at the Down Syndrome Association of the Valley 321 party. The group consisted of 7 members: Ryan Jones, Maddie Reuschling, Katie Ottney, Amelia Clay, Izzy Albrecht, Chelsea Sprankle, and Leah Pollifrone.

    “We chose to do the DSAV dance as our group service project because our original project was canceled and this was quite similar to what we had originally planned to do. It was also very dear to one of our members Ryan Jones whose mother runs DSAV and whose sister has Down syndrome,” expresses group leader Maddie Reuschling when asked why the group chose DSAV.

    Reuschling continues, “We all agreed this would be a great experience for us to help and for us to meet many new people,”      

    The group members all met before the big party took place to prepare. Some activities they did before and the day of the party were explained by Leah Pollifrone when she exclaimed, “Behind the scenes we set up all the decorations and activities. We created all of the props for the photo booth as well. During the party, the NHS members worked different stations such as the photo booth and face paint, but we also got to socialize with the partygoers and dance with them all night.”

    Izzy Albrecht, along with all of the other group members, state, “I think the party was a huge success. I believe everyone had a good time and that all of the volunteers were pleasantly surprised to see how amazing the children and adults were,”

    When asked how to explain what volunteering at the DSAV party meant to him, Ryan Jones responded with the only word really needed, “Memorable.”

    The Down Syndrome Association of the Valley is an organization that holds events and activities specifically meant for people with Down’s syndrome. They hold an annual party called the 321 Party in which they kick off all upcoming events. NHS students were able to volunteer for an organization that impacts the community in many positive ways. This group project is just one example of how NHS members continue to impact the community.