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Multiple Teams · Band Co-President, Sidney DiCenso, reflects on music career

Interview by Anjelica Blair

Q: Why as an 8th grader did you decide to join the marching band?

A: “Music was one of the only things that ever came naturally to me. I loved to make music!”

Q: Do you believe everyone could be in the band? Why?

A: “I really do. Even if a person isn’t the greatest musician, the social aspect of the band is very comforting. It makes you feel home.”

Q: What inspired you to practice your music as a high school student?

A: “I thought about my future. Since I’m going to school for music, I knew I needed to practice to be strong in my field.”

Q: How did you balance band with other activities such as employment?

A: “It required a lot of organization and focus. But when it came to being president, the band directors are normally very flexible with my schedule.”

Q: Why as an upcoming senior did decide to run for band co-president?

A: “Band has always meant a lot to me. It inspired me to be a part of the process and lead.”

Q: What leadership qualities did you obtain while co-president? What did you learn?

A: “I think I obtained the ability to be organized to an extent. And I learned to be patient because some things require a lot of time to get done.”

Q: Was it easy working with a co-president? How did he make things easier on both of you?

A: “Yes, it was quite easy. Sam made it all easier by stepping up and doing some of the more difficult tasks I did not have much time to do.”

Q: What did you achieve as president? Do you believe your actions set a good example?

A: “I made many social communications, such as the band Instagram, and set up a remind for announcements. I also helped plan the band banquet.”

Q: How much time did you put into your work as president weekly? Was it worth it?

A: “That’s a difficult question! Half of the year I didn’t do much because of the lack of activities but the other half I was very busy. I guess it just depends what the band was doing at that time.”

Q: What was the most stressful part of being band president? What time of year was most challenging?

A: “Every year we do a skit night at band camp to share in a few laughs. This was extremely stressful but in the end it was a fun time. The band banquet was also a somewhat stressful for me but not as bad at skit night.”

Q: Are Mr. Rezabek, Mrs. Penney and Mr. Reynolds fun to work with? What makes them special?

A: “They really care about us as students and young musicians. They never gave up on me. They are the reason I want to be a music teacher that was I can give back.”

Q: What will you miss the most about the Howland band program?

A: “Most definitely the people! Everyone was so much fun to be with. However, I will also miss the band nights and football games. It was so much fun to play with this amazing group.”

Q: How has your position of band president influenced and prepared you for your career?

A: “My time with the Howland Band has inspired me to go into music education. I hope to impact young players as my teachers inspired me. It has also taught me leadership skills, used in every field, and has taught me to learn from my mistakes.”

Q: Who inspires you musically? Why?

A: “Mr Reynolds. In 7th grade I asked him if I could play the oboe in band and, unfortunately, he didn’t have any. Instead he gave me a bassoon and said ‘Here you go!’. I fell in love with the bassoon! From that moment I realized I wanted to be a music teacher. I honestly don’t know why but his positive energy and happy attitude changed my life and I hope someday I can change the life of a student.”

Q: What would you tell an upcoming senior today who wants to become a band co-president?

A: “Good luck and remember to take a couple breaths! The job is somewhat difficult but so much fun at the same time. Also, I suggest preparing for traditions and events more in advance than I did. It will just makes the processes much smoother in the future.”