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Coed Varsity Newspaper · New Extracurricular Attendance Policy

There will be a new attendance policy in place for the 2017-2018 school year in regards to extracurricular activities. It is important for every student to attend school every day. Absences interfere with students’ progress, mastery, & possibly graduation. As part of HLSD initiative to House Bill 410 and response to a preventative approach to excessive absences and truancy, students MUST be in attendance at school for a full day to participate in any extracurricular activity or athletic activity. If the event does not take place on a day in which school is in session, students must be in attendance for a full day on the day prior to the extracurricular activity or athletic activity in order to participate. There are very few exceptions…medical, legal, and administrative discretion. This policy applies to ALL extracurricular activities K-12. Extracurricular activities are a privilege not a right; let’s do our part–come to school–ON TIME, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!