Tigers News · Speech and Debate Association Finals

The top 988 competitors from 67 schools gathered together in Sylvania, Ohio from 3/02-3/03 to compete at the 90th Annual Ohio Speech and Debate Association Finals. This year the Howland Speech and Debate Team had six pre-qualifiers (Moira Armstong, Taylor Cook, Ethan Deemer, Kate Li, Niko Mastorides, and Kyle Rhine) from the regular season, 6 qualifiers from the OSDA district tournament (Tiana Anthony, Nate Hudson, Nathan Nadler,  Jemima Nwagbara, Maria Scotto Diuccio, and Lindsey Shrodek), and two qualifiers from the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) district tournament (Mason Glinn and Zane Zook).

The following members should be commended for their success at the tournament: Niko Mastorides and Jemima Nwagbara were semi-finalists, Moira Armstrong, Taylor Cook, and Kate Li were quarter-finalists, and Maria Scotto Diuccio and Lindsey Shrodek were double octo-finalists. Howland High School was 25th overall in the competition.
Please wish our congressional debaters good luck as they compete at the NSDA Congress District tournament and attempt to join the ranks of their  teammates, Moira Armstrong, Ethan Deemer, and Jemima Nwagbara,  who previouslu qualified for ths NSDA National Tournament taking place in Fort Lauderdale this June.