Tigers News · Boys Track Downs Bristol

Howland boys track team took on the Bristol Panthers last night and came away with a 98-38 victory. Top finishers for the Tigers were the 4×800 team of Kaden McCord, Mark Rubino, Peyton Hause, and Manny Fakkas, the 4×100 team of Raiden Chistianson, Samir Robinson-Berrio, Mason Gentile, and Sammy Stewart, Mark Rubino in the 1600, the 4×200 team consisting of Raiden Chirstianson Xiaoyu Kirin, Will King, and Jordan Williams, Kameron Kramp in the 400 and 200, Manny Fakkas in the 3200 Nick Majavic in the disc, Karanjot Singh in the shot, Christian Darrin in the pole vault, and the 4×400 team consisting of Colton Basile, Jordan Williams, Will King, and Xiaoyu Kirin.